Landing Page examples for SaaS

The example web-app service in the SaaS Startup Kit includes typical pages for new customers to learn about your services. It allows new customers to review a pricing page as well as signup. Existing customers of your SaaS can login or connect with your support resources. The static web page for your SaaS website also includes a page for your web API service.

Go Template for the Website pages

The non-authenticated pages for the web app - what we refer to as the website - use a different layout that when users are authenticated. The website pages use this site layout:

Home page template for your SaaS

Go code Example Home page for SaaS websites

The home page for your software-as-a-service is one of the main entry points that describe your offering. Typically a homepage for SaaS as a hero banner with one or more calls to actions towards the top of the page. The page may direct prospects to a pricing page or to signup. Users associated with customers can login and interact with the web app that provides your business value.


Pricing page template for New Customers

Go code Example Pricing page for SaaS website

The pricing page provides details to prospects for your SaaS about the subscription plans you offer. Each plan should have details on the features it includes as well as pricing. Sometimes for higher price point plans, it is customary to have prospects contact your sales team.


Support page template for your SaaS

Go code Example Support page for SaaS website

The web app includes an example support page. Typically when you offer SaaS you will want to give your current and future customers that they have ways to communicate with you to get help and assistance using your service.


API page template for your SaaS

Go code Example API page for SaaS website

The web-app service includes an example template for a content page that documents that API service for your SaaS. The static page using GO templates provides details on the API service including links to the autogenerated API documentation.


Example SaaS Legal pages

Go code Example Privacy Policy for SaaS website

The web-app service includes an example Privacy Policy for your SaaS. This Privacy Policy page is an example that details what data your SaaS collects and how you use it.


Go code Example Terms of Service for SaaS website

The web-app service also includes an example Terms of Service for your SaaS. This Terms of Service page is an example that what services your software provides as a subscription service. It also details available plans for your subscription of free and paid.


Responsive Top Nav

Go code Example of top nav bar for SaaS website

The top of the non-authenticated web pages includes a clean and simple navigation bar.


Footer with Links

Go code Example of footer for SaaS website

The footer for the non-authenticated web pages includes additional links to static pages including links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


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